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E-Rangers' Headquarters

E-Rangers' Headquarters

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 7 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Playmobil USA, Inc.
Price: $129.99

The Future Planet E-Rangers Headquarters by Playmobil is a super fun base with all of the usual high-design Playmobil appeal. It comes with 5 figures and a small vehicle for them to drive. The base itself is interactive, featuring cool opening doors and a well thought out "skylight" design that lets you see inside the base when you're not playing with it. It even features a working solar panel that makes a small fan blow.

As imaginative as the product is, in a lot of ways its elements are inspired by actual technology. The premise that future space pioneers will construct their habitats around the ability to grow oxygen producing plants and use that oxygen to live is not off the mark. When our tester's family visited the Kennedy Space Center this summer, there was an exhibit describing exactly this situation. His son was keen to understand the exhibit based on his time assembling and playing with this toy.

In all, the toy is hands down fun, interesting, and just plain cool. Of course there are many small pieces like gloves, visors, hoses, and such that might be easily lost with play. Even so, the loss of such items does not detract from the ability to play with and enjoy the product over time. Even though the price of this set is high, it is worth it for a child interested in science and space. It would make a great special gift or centerpiece of your toy collection, and could just be the future space habitat that a child's imagination was seeking.

Ryan Patterson   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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