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Fruits & Veggies Wooden Magnetic Set

Fruits & Veggies Wooden Magnetic Set

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Mudpuppy
Price: $18.00

The Fruit and Veggies Wooden Magnetic Set by Mudpuppy contains thirty-five wooden magnets in the shapes of different fruits and vegetables. The packaging shows the product accurately, and even gives a reference illustration of an actual-size piece. Each piece has an illustration of the food depicted, and they are all distinct enough that one can recognize what is depicted. The magnets are great for encouraging healthy eating. When playing with them, parents can talk to their children about what foods are their favorites and which they would like to try. For preschool aged kids, the magnets can be used for introducing new vegetables and fruits. They can also help parents introduce the concept of food groups.

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