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Can You Canoe?

Can You Canoe?

Fall 2012 Music
Ages: 4 - 10 yrs.
CD Price: $13.99

Okee Dokee Brothers Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander paddled a canoe down the Mississippi River, from Minnesota to St. Louis, a month-long trip that inspired Can You Canoe?, a life-celebrating musical odyssey. "Campin' Tent," "Muddy River," "The Boatman's Dance," "Thousand Star Hotel"-the duo's songs, many crafted around traditional folk songs from the country's pioneer past, reflect a world far removed from the big and small screen technology that dominates children's lives today. Technology can make us feel as if we're half machine ourselves. "Many of us live lives greatly removed from nature," the Brothers say in the CD's liner notes, and their rollicking songs, many with subtle and soulful undertones, resonate with the reminder that we are indeed an integral part of the natural world. Long time friends, fine singers and musicians (Lansing on banjo, Mailander on guitar), the Brothers are joined by a wealth of other standout acoustic artists on fiddle, accordion, mandolin, upright bass and more. The accompanying DVD includes breathtaking footage of the Brothers' canoe trip and their adventures and music making along the way.

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