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Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose

Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose

Fall 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

Most parents would agree that toddlers (especially toddler boys) and trucks go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly. Duck Duck Moose nurtures that connection in the digital realm with their latest app Trucks. Designed for children ages 3 and up, Trucks offers an intuitive and engaging environment in the style and quality of design we have come to expect from the Duck Duck Moose studios.

In this app, children can select from five different scenes that offer playful interactions with cars and trucks. Scenes include a car wash, repair shop, construction site, garbage pickup stop, and street scene. The car wash allows kids to get their vehicle dirty in the mud and then wash it off while the repair shop allows them to change the tires after a flat. The garbage scene offers a little more challenge, as it asks players to sort the garbage on the street into bins for compost, recycling, and trash. For young players there are lots of opportunities to make cars beep or sirens go off in the street scene. They can also control the flow of traffic by tapping the street's stoplight from green to yellow and to red. There are also dump trucks and bulldozers and ice cream trucks and street sweepers - in other words, there is a truck for everyone.

This app is simple, fun and perfect for toddlers. Expect a lot of giggles!

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Jessica Hensley is a web designer, yoga and fitness enthusiast and proud mother of two very active young boys. She has been working with family and educational websites for over 12 years.

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