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ABC Food

ABC Food

Fall 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Developer: Junyoung Yang
Developer: Jared Allen
Developer: Guillermo Krovblit
Developer: Peapod Labs LLC
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad

Designed for pre-school children, ABC Food offers a unique and fun format for learning the letters of the alphabet. When opening the app, a large grid appears with the letters of the alphabet appearing in every few blocks. The blocks in between have the word of a food that corresponds with their letter or are blank. For example, the word apple appears in the block next to the letter A. Children can click on any of the blocks to see an image of a food that begins with the appropriate letter. The apple screen shows a photograph of an apple with the letter A carved into it. The word apple is also spelled out on the bottom of the screen and children can click on each of the letters to move to that letter's square. Clicking on the P in apple would take them to the P portion of the letter grid where they might explore pancakes or pasta. Each screen also offers either an interactive activity or a video to accompany the food. On the apple screen, the child is asked to help peel the apple by swiping their finger across the apple image to reveal the fruit beneath. A second apple screen offers a video of a song called "I Love Apples."

Children can return to the alphabet grid at any time. As they explore different letters, their images appear in the grid so that it is apparent which screens have been viewed and which haven't. This also makes it easy for children to revisit their favorite scenes. Those that they visit the most are marked with stars and appear first in the alphabet grid.

The app developers selected beautiful images to use and the videos are fun and informative. From entertaining songs about vegetables to an explanation of how baby carrots are made, this app not only teaches the ABCs but offers a terrific introduction to the world of food.

Jessica Hensley   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Jessica Hensley is a web designer, yoga and fitness enthusiast and proud mother of two very active young boys. She has been working with family and educational websites for over 12 years.

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