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Star Wars Folded Flyers

Star Wars Folded Flyers

Spring 2012 Doing & Learning
Ages: 8 & Up
ISBN: 978-0545396349
Hardcover Price: $19.99

Star Wars Folded Flyers by Ben Harper and Klutz is a tightly themed and creatively adapted paper airplane kit based on the most popular spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise. While this book is described for grades 3 and up, I would pay a lot of attention to the "& up." Star Wars fans of any age will appreciate the level of authenticity and detail the author and paper airplane engineers have gone to in translating the film's vehicles from the screen to flat cut & fold flying objects. Similarly any paper airplane-making fan is likely to appreciate the designs used specifically in adapting the Star wars crafts to traditional designs. The book has a nice introduction to the vehicles which span all 6 films in the franchise, and it describes their roles in the film. It then goes into the specifics of reading and following the instructions for each vehicle on the following pages. This level of detail is necessary to ensure the reader does not get lost and frustrated during construction. It also avoids becoming too boring by keeping up a steady level of Star Wars jargon and insider references to drag any committed fan a long through the fine-print portions. The instructions are busy, but they can be easily read and followed if one pays attention to the book's introduction. Since these are very specific paper airplanes made to look like specific ships from the movies, it is necessary to use specially printed paper for each ship. This may sound limiting, but the result is a folded airplane that actually looks exactly like the ship from the film. There are multiple sheets of each design included in the book allowing for multiples to be made or remade of each starship. Another perk is how unique each design is. This is not simply a collection of standard paper airplanes printed to have specific color schemes; each of these designs is constructed so that it will fly and behave like the planes from the movie.

Overall the book is incredibly impressive from the commitment to the theme and the level of research and coordination with the Star Wars franchise this book can serve as an introduction to young fans but is done well enough to keep a long time fan entertained and impressed at the same time.

Ryan Patterson   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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