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Kickin' Putt

Kickin' Putt

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: All Ages
Manufacturer: BeginAgain
Price: $30.00

Kickin' Putt is a fun new game for kids to play outside. Kickin' Putt comes in a very hip "green" looking package that describes the package contents, game instructions, and the product manufacturing information simply and attractively. The set contains two amazing kick-balls that are a cross between a soccer ball and an inflatable golf ball. The balls are heavier then kickballs, which makes them not only good for this game, but also nice for playing ball in smaller yards or urban parks where parents may not want a ball that will "fly" quite as far as a classic kickball. The "goal" is a high quality hard rubber frisbee that players kick the balls towards. In short, parents buying this game will get three quality classic yard toys (two balls and a Frisbee) that can be used any number of ways and will last a long time.

At first, kids thought it was hard to balance the ball on the goal. But when they looked at the box and re-read the instructions themselves, they learned that you need only "touch" the goal with a ball to win. Our reviewers have taken this game to their local park and played with lots of other kids of different age ranges. Everyone loved the game, and when they lost attention with the Kickin' Putt game, they continued playing with the balls and frisbee. Kids enjoyed running with or kicking the balls and throwing the frisbee, either independently or according to their own rules for new games. The two identical high quality play-balls differentiated by color open up many play possibilities. Parents of two will like letting each child have their own ball to kick or throw without fighting over. And having two balls is great for times, especially at the playground, when it is necessary to split play into two groups of older and younger kids.

Don't be surprised if Kickin' Putt finds a permanent place in your car or stroller for on-the-go outdoor play.

Ryan Patterson   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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