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Chip Taylor & the Grandkids - Golden Kids Rules

Chip Taylor & the Grandkids - Golden Kids Rules

Fall 2012 Music
Ages: All Ages

Master singer/songwriter Chip Taylor wrote the 1960s mega-hits "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning." His songs have been recorded by the biggest names in pop music and he has earned kudos for his recent solo and collaborative albums. Taylor is also a granddad and, judging by his lovely new CD Golden Kids Rule, that's a very good thing for family music.

Together with his three talented young granddaughters, Taylor serves up one fine album, infused with the desire to make the world a better place and filled with tenderness, heart and soul. The veteran singer's soft rasp and country twang are complemented by the natural sweetness of the three well-disciplined young voices that alternately solo and join together on the tracks.

Some songs are lessons ("We've been talking' about Christmas/And what it really means/If you don't think about others/Well, it don't mean beans"), yet they feel like conversations, not teachy-preachy stuff. "Magical Horse," based on a short poem written for school by granddaughter Kate and one of the album's many treasures, takes a dreaming path: "I am a magical horse. I eat rainbows./I live on a cloud./I smell like rain," it begins. Granddaughter Riley plays a flute instrumental on the piece and granddaughter Samantha joins her sisters and Taylor in vocals that end in a poignant refrain evoking the image of a magical horse prancing to a magical drum for the joy of it.

Renowned guitarist John Platania and other stellar musicians add to this album's deeply-felt sense of family warmth and shared community.

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