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Operation Math

Operation Math

Spring 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Designer: Chris Phillips
Director: Matt Hutton
Writer: John Turner
Developer: Spinlight Studio
Download Price: $3.99
Platform: iPad

Many games are simply flash cards which have been gussied up with graphics, rather than games that actually help solve problems or understand concepts. Operation Math is a flash card game, with a fun spy premise and interface. For those interested in games that offer practice in simple number operations, this app does just that.

Users can select the operations +, -, x, and/or customize a combination of operations. There is a timed version (with music which can be muted), and a practice room, without the excitement - or the pressures of a time clock. As all children are different, some testers found the levels of difficulty increasing before they were comfortable with their skill, others cheered the changes.

Our parent testers suggested that offering different types of problems, as well as adding some variety to the story and the visuals, would greatly enhance the gameplay.

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