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The Pet Shop Revolution

The Pet Shop Revolution

Fall 2011 Picture Books
Ages: 4 & Up
Author: Ana Juan
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 978-0545128100
Hardcover Price: $17.99

Any child who has ever dreamed of freeing all of the animals from a zoo or pet shop will love Pet Shop Revolution, a picture book written and illustrated by Ana Juan. In it, the cantankerous owner Mr. Walnut is a wig-wearing purveyor of pets of all sorts. His animals, especially the monkey from whom he pulls replacement hairs for his wig, look despondent in their cramped cages. That is, until Mina frees them all from their cages and looses them upon the city, where they become productive citizens. The vain Mister Walnut, who doesn't want anyone to know that he is bald, won't pursue his freed menagerie since they took his wig with them. The playful illustrations and charming conclusion will redeem Mr. Walnut and tickle readers.

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