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Whip-it-up Mixer

Whip-it-up Mixer

Fall 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $24.95

Manufactured by toy company Educo, the Whip-It-Up mixer is actually a decent replica of an old-fashioned mixer. It has a beater your child can spin using the wood knob on top. The arm lifts so that you can put the bowl underneath it. There's another knob on the side your child can turn to select the speed setting. The toy also comes with a bag of flour and a bag of sugar. Both of which are made out of soft white pillows, a fact that parent testers loved.

Even young testers new to make believe play showed interest in the mixer and its workings. They grasped the concept that this is the same thing mommy and daddy use in the kitchen. This is a quality toy, and its shelf life will stretch the longest if used as part of a larger collection of kitchen toys.

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