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Chanukah Lights

Chanukah Lights

Fall 2011 Picture Books
Ages: 5 & Up
Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Robert Sabuda
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763655334
Hardcover Price: $34.99

This magnificent gift book celebrates the Festival of Lights by pairing the poetic talents of Michael J. Rosen with the artistry of Robert Sabuda's ingenious paper sculptures. On each of eight nights, candles burn against the backdrop of the night sky to illuminate a setting in the rich history of this holiday: from an ancient temple to a tent in the desert; from a Russian shtetl to a refugee ship sailing on the open sea; from an olive grove on a kibbutz in the Promised Land to the heart of a vibrant city.

The beauty and simplicity of the story of Chanukah is perfectly complemented by Robert Sabuda's signature style of pure white pop-ups that soar beyond the boundaries of the page. His clever use of materials, embossed textures, and intricate die-cuts add additional dimension. Unexpected details will delight readers: finding the gold flames in each scene, observing the monkeys climbing on a rooftop, or discovering the laundry hanging from the windows of a tenement building. This is Sabuda at his best.

Chanukah Lights is a collectible treasure that will undoubtedly become part of many families' annual holiday celebration.

Pamela Pease   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Pamela Pease is a designer, author, educator, and founder of Paintbox Press. She has created pop-up books about Macy's Parade and the Tour de France, as well as award-winning series of books on architecture and design for kids.

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