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SYNONYMS: The Word Game That Gets Your Mind Racing!

SYNONYMS: The Word Game That Gets Your Mind Racing!

Fall 2011 Games
Ages: 12 & Up
Manufacturer: Lindergaff, LLC
Price: $19.99

Synonyms is a refreshingly simple game that will turn anyone who plays in to a walking thesaurus. On each turn, players land on a letter (S-Y-N-O-N-Y-M-S). Another player reads a word from either a yellow (easy), green (medium) or red (difficult) card. If the turn-taking player can name three synonyms of the word before the timer shows a minute has passed, they can score the letter on which they've landed. The first player to score all of the letters of the word "Synonyms" wins. Challenge cars and pass cards add an exciting strategy element to the game, and group play makes it easier to include players of all ages.

As written, the basic rules create a game for players twelve and up with a solid vocabulary. Variations for younger or older players are included as well. As you play, your vocabulary will build, since each card lists far more than two synonyms for every word on its back. This is a great card for writers young and old, and may help you and your kids work through writer's block, all while having a fun time playing.

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