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Fall 2011 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $17.95

Slooooks is a game made for travel. As in "I Spy," players search for items in their surroundings to win. One spinner determines the color of the item sought the other the first letter of it. The board is cute and fun, with colored sunglasses shaped tabs used to keep score. There's a timer to make sure turns don't last too long, and the board has a holder for that too. The first player to pull out all of the sunglasses tabs in their chosen color wins the game.

The age appeal of this game was wide. Variations are provided, and testers found ways to think of even more. For example, younger players can search for objects of a specific color and not use the alphabet spinner. And parent testers liked this game as much as their children did. In fact, some found themselves playing it even after the kids had gone to bed.

Slooooks offers a great package for a classic game that will while away at least some part of any car trip or rainy afternoon at home. It teaches children to observe the world around them closely and use their alphabet knowledge.

Rachel Schiff   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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