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Pixy Cubes

Pixy Cubes

Fall 2011 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
Price: $15.99

Pixy Cubes, from Blue Orange, is a set of sixteen cubes in geometric, four-colored designs. The cubes can be used for free play to create nearly limitless original designs or to copy one of the 80 images from the design cards. The latter range from simple, two-colored designs to very elaborate images and abstract patterns. Alternatively, there are also challenge cards for speed games and memory games. In the speed game, players compete to copy a challenge image and win the card using four of the dice. The more difficult memory game requires players to first study an image, and then flip the card and reproduce the image with four dice. It's more difficult than it sounds, though the card's back does have a hint. Challenge cards are of increasing difficulty. If players are at different ability levels, the less experienced ones can claim beginning-level cards to even out the game. The set is reminiscent of various pattern blocks sets, but with more of a challenge because of the memory aspect and the complication of curved outlines being thrown into the mix. Younger players preferred the speed and design play to the memory game, but children and adults alike greatly enjoyed playing with the cubes.

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