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Apolline & Leon

Apolline & Leon

Fall 2011 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

Apolline & Leo is a mini-mystery story enhanced by a soundtrack available in nine languages. The app shares the story of two French children who frequent the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Everyday an old woman sits on the same bench feeding pigeons while wearing a dark shawl. Naturally, the two believe that she is a witch, and they set out to investigate her story. Their discovery will teach readers not to judge people by first impressions.

It is a short story, but it is very well crafted as an app. The narrators in each language read clearly, and Marion Piffaretti’s illustrations are delightful. And, of course, each page offers interactive possibilities. Peep through doorholes, play music, and toss balls as you unravel the mystery of the Witch of the Tuileries.

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