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Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad

Fall 2011 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Contributions From: Darren Murtha
Contributions From: Chris Lott
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

Drawing Pad is one of the most creative and fun apps on the market for young artists. Designed to look and feel like an art desk, users either begin with a blank canvas or select from a variety of colored or patterned papers, scenic backgrounds or illustrated borders perfect for creating posters, letters or invitations. The "drawer" contains an abundance of art tools from paint brushes to roller pens (they roll patterns images on the screen) to stickers. The stickers can be positioned anywhere on the canvas and scaled, rotated, flipped and even brought in front of or behind other objects. Additionally, there are multiple ways to incorporate personal photographs or images.

When a drawing is finished, it can be saved to an album, emailed, printed or shared on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a store in which users can purchase coloring books that would reside on their "bookshelf."

Our six year old tester quickly learned to work within the environment and with different tools, however not everything was as intuitive as one might like. This would be okay except that there are no instructions available anywhere on the app to explain how to use it. Nor could we find instructions on the website. It seems a simple feature that would help first-time users more quickly learn how to manage and manipulate certain features. However, we do not feel it diminished at all from the quality of the app.

This one caveat aside, the app continues to engage our testers who have greatly enjoyed printing their pictures to display and share with friends. They have even learned to take full advantage of the iPad environment by saving their drawings to the iPad Photos section and creating an animated slideshow of their creations complete with the soundtrack of their choice.

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