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Now It Is Summer

Now It Is Summer

Spring 2011 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Eileen Spinelli
Illustrator: Mary Newell DePalma
Publisher: Eerdmans
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5340-0
Hardcover Price: $16.00

Summer is in full swing, complete with fresh peaches and beachside picnics, but a little mouse is eager for autumn to come. Throughout Eileen Spinelli’s story, the mouse asks his mother, "Will it be autumn soon?", excited to jump in leaf piles and make Halloween costumes. His mother gently reminds him that it is still summer, and tries to get him to appreciate all the joys of the current season. It’s an important lesson to live in the present, and Spinelli tells her story in an engaging way. Mary Newell DePalma’s acrylic paintings are a sweet and bright complement to the text. This is a good story to share with small children over summer vacation.

Zarina Mullan Plath   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Zarina Mullan Plath has undergraduate degrees in both biology and English. Her interests include cookbooks/culinary history, South Asian literature (especially in regards to South Asians in America), and, of course, children's literature. Her poetry is included in the anthology Sweeping Beauty (U. of Iowa Press, 2005). Zarina lives in Central Illinois with her husband, two children, and assorted pets.

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