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Doodle Roll

Doodle Roll

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Price: $4.99

For parents on the go who finds themselves waiting in doctor's offices, traffic, or anywhere else a young child might get fidgety, this economical and convenient art-station-to-go is a fun and handy choice. The Doodle Roll is an inventive take on a traditional coloring book and crayons stashed in the travel bag. It's compact, and the fact that it keeps the paper and crayons all together in one unit is refreshing for parents trying to stay organized while providing their children opportunities to be creative and independent. Children can draw, write, play games or make creative projects (like a mural or banner) with little or no support. The only thing that younger children might need assistance with would be tearing off the paper once a project is complete. At $4.99, this should be in the household of every budding young artist on the go. All they need is a flat surface to work on, and they are ready to create!

Kelly Schaffer   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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