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My First Organics Seed Starting Kit

My First Organics Seed Starting Kit

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $16.95

With the My First Organics Seed Starting Kit, we had seven certified organic tomato plants sprouting in our kitchen within two days after planting them. And a week later, much to our surprise, an eighth plant made an appearance. When the weather warms and the plants are ready, we look forward to transplanting our biodegradable pots to the garden and harvesting our crop.

Each kit includes the earth-friendly materials needed to make a greenhouse to start eight plants. Children fill the pots with organic soil, plant 2-3 seeds in each and then place the pots in the bottom of the greenhouse. Fill the base with water to moisten the soil, cover with the top and place the greenhouse in a well-lit part of your home. Within a few short days, your plants will sprout. Instructions and organic plant food are included to transplant your plants to an outside garden.

Kits are available for tomatoes, snap peas, beans and a variety of other vegetables and herbs. Some would say there is nothing more rewarding than a garden. In this case, the experience of teaching our testers about the value of organic gardening and having them see their plants grow right before their eyes, has proven that to be true.

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