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Backyard Safari Outfitters Bird Watcher's Field Kit

Backyard Safari Outfitters Bird Watcher's Field Kit

Spring 2011 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: Summit Products LLC
Price: $24.99

By chance, one of our young testers had received the Backyard Safari Cargo Vest as a gift earlier this year and was excited to try this Bird Watcher’s Field Kit that included a bird-watcher iron-on patch for his matching vest. The Bird Watcher’s Kit includes binoculars and a tri-pod, a pop-up field guide and three different kinds of bird callers. The field guide offers tips on how to be a successful bird watcher and photos of a variety of different birds that may be found in your backyard. As children locate the birds, they can check them off in the field guide. Our testers have continued to return to the field guide as they spot different birds from time to time.

The kit is fun and educational and great for introducing children to bird-watching, however, it was the collectible patch that was included that may have garnered the most enthusiasm. Backyard Safari began the patch program this year and has included patches in a variety of their other kits. The idea is that children complete the activities within each kits’ guide to earn their patch, ultimately hoping to collect them all. Although they advertise all of the patches in the product packaging, we discovered that not all products with patches are on the market yet and it has been challenging to locate some in stores.

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