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Gold Mine

Gold Mine

Spring 2011 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Stratus Games
Price: $32.95

Gold Mine is a create-your-board strategy game rather than a regular pre-designed board game. Not only do you roll dice and move pieces, but here you arrange the board itself and the paths players might take to win. Each game is unique and unpredictable.

Two to six players begin with their own miner figure and take turns laying out the first 20 tiles, each of which represents a portion of a tunnel, path, gold chamber or secret passage. The mine grows by turn, with players competing to collect gold nuggets as they move through the maze and excavate deeper chambers.

Strategy matters here. During your turn, one might draw a gold chamber card, which ought to be placed in reach of your miner, but not those of other players. Throwing dice and the draw of a card introduce luck to the game, but strategy is more important.

Gold Mine encourages players to engage with the game and interact with each other. The gold pieces have that certain "gold" appeal to them, so players will become competitive. Meanwhile, they will have to use problem solving skills and be creative with their winning strategies. It's lots of fun, and if you're looking for a new and different board game, this is one kids will enjoy.

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