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Lab Mice

Lab Mice

Spring 2011 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Producer: MindWare
Price: $17.95

Lab Mice is a single player logic game played on sturdy, 6-inch square, dry erase puzzle boards. Each board has a grid printed with colored mice and cheese. The object of the game is to draw lines (with the sponge-topped dry erase pens) connecting each mouse to its corresponding color cheese without crossing any other connecting line. Lines must be drawn either horizontally or vertically using 90 degree turns; no diagonal connections are allowed. The game includes 50, 2-sided cards with three levels of play differentiated by the number of mice/cheese combinations that must be made on each card.

A 26-page booklet provides game directions, solving tips, and diagrams of completed puzzles. Lab Mice is an attractive game that is fun to pick up when you have a quick minute and want a challenge, and it can be used to test yourself again and again. Once, we actually played 25 games in a row. It is also a convenient car game. The dry erase feature makes it easy to erase if you change your mind or make a mistake - which, on difficult challenges like these, is a lifesaver.

Ellie and Don Homce   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Don and Ellie Homce are the parents of two sons. Ellie is a former chemistry and physical science teacher and trainer in the hazardous materials field. Currently a professional volunteer at local schools and a thrift shop, Ellie continues to pursue her interests in art. Don is a health and safety and environmental science professional who enjoys building and fixing things. He has been a Boy Scout Leader for the past ten years.

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