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Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

Spring 2011 Television
Ages: 6 - 14 yrs.
Producer: Nickelodeon
Network: Nickelodeon

Linda Ellerbee has hosted Nick News for nearly twenty years. She knows how to craft a half-hour episode of news that will engage teens with subjects relevant to them, which she relays with humor and relatable language.

This isn't the traditional format of a news show. Ellerbee doesn't read the latest headlines. Nick News is a half hour format focusing on a single topic with episodes ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking. For example, in one, Ellerbee asks kids about the most annoying stuff parents say and do. Among the funny answers: When parents say, "Because I said so…" and when parents say, "When I was your age…."

In a more serious episode, Ellerbee focuses on kids living with cancer. It's not a stiff interview show, but instead a rather collection of charming children speaking to the camera about their battles and their feelings. It's poignant and powerful stuff that takes away the stigma of the disease and shows how vulnerable, but also strong, children can be.

There's a reason Nick News has been a staple show on Nickelodeon for so long. It's important television for kids.

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