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The Traveling Trio

The Traveling Trio

Spring 2011 Television
Ages: 8 & Up

Meet Olivia Gray and her twin brothers Ingram and Everett Gray.

They are from Austin, Texas, and are the hosts and tour guides of this adventurous, fun and informative series that will inspire you to book your next family trip as soon as possible. The series is a travelogue told through the eyes of the kids. What's nice is that the children approach new places with a healthy curiosity, mixing in just the right amount of history with facts about local foods, music, language and even playgrounds.

The format works well. In each city, the three kids start by talking about where they're going and showing it on a map, giving a clear and simple quick lesson in Geography. For example, in one episode they visit Cesky Krumlov, a small city in the Czech Republic. While the kids run around town exploring the sights, they explain that the city is centered around a castle built in the Baroque Period. They use their map navigation skills (no GPS here, thank you) to search out a playground, but stop along the way to learn about brown bears, potato chip snacks and a graphite factory. The episode ends with a few words spoken in the local language.

In an episode about San Antonio, Texas, the kids explore the Alamo and local dances. In an show about Warsaw, Poland, they learn about Chopin, meet squirrels who eat out of their hands, and discuss the struggles the city went through during World War II.

For a teacher looking to enhance a social studies class or a parent looking to engage and interest a child in the world and in how wonderful new experiences and countries can be, The Traveling Trio is just the ticket.

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