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I Love Earth: The Absolute Best of the

I Love Earth: The Absolute Best of the "Singing Zoologist"

Spring 2011 Music
Ages: 4 - 10 yrs.
CD Price: $15.00

Children's tunesmith Lucas Miller gathers twenty-one of his best songs from his first three CDs, plus five brand new compositions on this lovely new compilation. The Austin, Texas based Lucas brings a solid science background to his "Singing Zoologist" act and the songs are both highly educational and highly entertaining. Beginning with the rocking title track, Lucas quickly establishes that being "green" can be fun. Other highlights include the Tex-Mex fueled "Chimichanga Song," the marvelously silly one-liners in the "The Prairie Chicken Boogie," and the reggae-flavored fun of "Metamorphosis (Tadpole into a Frog)" song. Miller takes a wonderfully silly and musically sophisticated approach to his songs, which will draw even the most science-phobic child into the sheer good time he creates. Take for example, how he turns the study of bees into the rhyming rap of "It's All About the Hive," or transforms a well-known children's ditty into ridiculous bluegrass of "Stinkle, Stinkle Little Skunky." Elsewhere, Miller takes a distinctly Flight of the Conchords approach to "Living In a Wetland," and turns his "A Tail is a Wonderful Thing" into a rocking Cajun/Zydeco stomp. "A Deer In My Cadillac" even evokes the spirit of Shel Silverstein, without actually imitating him. The album closes with the African-esque "Living in Symbiosis," which matches his trademark well crafted and witty lyrics, with a great musical hook. I (Love) Earth is a textbook example of just how good children's music can be, when you combine serious musicianship, intelligent and educational lyrics into a CD that both children and parents will want to listen to again and again.

Lahri Bond   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Lahri Bond is a father, a writer, music historian and an art professor in Western Massachusetts. His published books include Spinning Tales Weaving Hope (with the Stories For World Change Network) for New Society Press and People of the Earth (coauthored with Ellen Evert Hopman) for Destiny Books.

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