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Yogiños: Yoga for Youth DVD, The Story of Ganesha

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth DVD, The Story of Ganesha

Spring 2011 DVD
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
DVD Price: $15.95

If your child yearns to learn yoga, Yogiños: Yoga for Youth - The Story of Ganesha offers a great introduction. This DVD offers high production value, an appealing mix of music, and a chance to learn yoga from an instructor and the young people in her class. This beginner's lesson presents 11 yoga poses, some demonstrated by the young students, and the emphasis is on strength and flexibility. There's also a brief day-in-the-life vignette of a young girl and all the ways she incorporates yoga into her day, from stretching when she wakes up to shaking stress at school and performing well in sports.

The youth yoga class is shot against the backdrop of the Art Museum of South Texas-a not-so-unusual choice considering the DVD's creator, Elizabeth Reese, holds a Ph.D. in art museum education. Reese started Yogiños - Yoga for Youth in her area and expanded to teach classes and offer in-school programs. This DVD is a natural extension of Reese's efforts and interests, and it even includes a brief look at art depicting the Hindu deity Ganesh, and an explanation of how he came to be the Elephant Prince led by Amy Hofland. Overall, it makes for viewing that is both instructive and culturally interesting, suggesting yoga as an interdisciplinary pursuit that strengthens the mind as well as the body.

DVD extras include a breakdown of the individual yoga poses presented in three languages: English, Spanish, and Sanskrit. There's also an option for a full Spanish-language translation version of the program. Overall, Yogiños: Yoga for Youth - The Story of Ganesha is very likely to put young yoga beginners at ease as they learn the basics of this popular discipline.

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