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Spring 2011 Magazines
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Producer: Bayard Presse
Newsstand Price: $4.15
Subscription Price: $106.00 / 10 Issues

StoryBox, published in England, is beautifully designed and crafted ten-issue magazine for children aged three to six. The first half of each issue has an illustrated story for parent and child to read together. The illustrations are of high caliber with a different illustrator and author featured for each month's story such as "Moon Soup" written and illustrated by Claire Frossard and "A Night to Remember" written by M. Gerald and illustrated by D. Balicevic. We especially loved the creative illustrations for "Tell Me Why, Dad!", in which Christian Voltz uses wood, paper, cloth, and more to devise the illustrations for his words. The second half of each issue is divided into different departments: "Wonder with Whizkid" which explores a science topic; "SamSam," a comic strip; "Animal World," which describes an animal; a "Fun and Games" section featuring various puzzles, games, and coloring; and "Time for a Rhyme." Each edition ends with a serialized comic called "Polo" a completely visual comic strip that beckons pre and emerging readers alike. Best of all, as your child ages, he or she can look forward to the publishers other titles, Discovery Box and Adventure Box.

Editor's Note: The only reservation our panelists had about this magazine was the price. Although the subscription fee includes shipping and handling from the UK, it seems a bit steep by US standards. This concern, however, is somewhat mitigated by the publication's overall excellence and quality.

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