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Spring 2011 Magazines
Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Publisher: Bayard Presse
Newsstand Price: $4.15
Subscription Price: $45.00 / 10 Issues

Adventure Box, a magazine geared toward children ages 6 - 9, features ten issues per year. The first half of each brightly colored and sturdy magazine is an age-appropriate chapter book. Recent ones include "Leo and the Man Under the Bridge" (written by D. Marchand & G. Prevot and Illustrated by F. Rebena), "Little Beasts" (written by M. Montmoulineix and illustrated by M. Allag), and "Lisa Wood's Strange Christmas" (written by A. Riviere and illustrated by C. Perrin). These are neither saccharine nor slight, but instead richly illustrated and well-written tales of families, friendship, and decision-making. After the story, readers will find Naturebox, a simple but specific summary of a subject like acorns, frost, or rocks. The remaining pages teem with games and comics. A monthly quiz about the magazine's contents at the end of each issue will encourage active reading.

Editor's Note: The only reservation our panelists had about this magazine was the price. Although the subscription fee includes shipping and handling from the UK, it seems a bit steep by US standards. This concern, however, is somewhat mitigated by the publication's overall excellence and quality.

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