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Spring 2011 Magazines
Ages: 9 - 12 yrs.
Publisher: Bayard Presse
Newsstand Price: $4.15
Subscription Price: $45.00 / 10 Issues

Discovery Box provides rich illustrations, photography, stories, and activities for the 9 to 12 set. Through its ten annual issues, it offers games, activities, and diverse subject matter from science through history. Each month, the publication features "Pics and Facts", an educational graphic story about, for example, "Russia in the Time of the Tsars". It illuminates its topic with photographs and cartoons. "Life Story" stands out as well for its true tales of extraordinary animals. Readers might learn about the wolf's journey, a dolphin's love of human company, or a chimp's knowledge of its mortality. Adding to the magazine's value are monthly posters (featuring artifacts, animals, paintings, and more) and trading cards (featuring Greek Gods, fruits, prehistoric creatures, and more).

Editor's Note: The only reservation our panelists had about this magazine was the price. Although the subscription fee includes shipping and handling from the UK, it seems a bit steep by US standards. This concern, however, is somewhat mitigated by the publication's overall excellence and quality.

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