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Word Shout

Word Shout

Fall 2010 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: PlayMonster
Price: $6.99

Word Shout's best feature, aside from its great price, is its size. It's housed in a tiny box, smaller than a deck of cards, which holds the ten letter dice that you toss to play the game. This game can easily be stuck in a purse or pocket to play whenever you are at a restaurant, in the car, or at any other place where your children are in need of a distraction. Playing one version of the game, where players shout out the words they find and grab the letters for the words before others can use them, can get a bit rowdy. Adapting the game by having players taking turns finding words or keeping their voices low when they grab for their word choices can make the game quieter. Players score points by counting the number of dice they have grabbed after each round; the first person to fifty wins.

At times the size of this game works against it. Because there are only ten of the letter dice, with each toss there are only a few words that can be made. This means the round is over quickly, which can be a good thing, if you have children who don't like to play games that don't have a lot of action, but can also be frustrating to players who aren't able to spot any words before the letters are grabbed up by others and the round ends. Those not having found words won't win any points, though they're likely to still have fun playing

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