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Fall 2010 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Price: $19.95

Every tile in this pattern-matching game is subdivided into four quadrants, each with a different color and symbol: red square, yellow star, green diamond, or blue circle. The placement of these colored symbols is quite randomized so that at first glance it appears that no two tiles are alike (which is true). And therein lies the challenge of the game. Thirty-six of the tiles are placed touching each other in a 6 x 6 grid. The rest of the tiles are stacked face down in a draw pile. Within the grid, which remains in place during the entire game, players will find that the pattern they are looking for can be found on the grid -- not on a single tile, but by overlapping edges and/or rotating the tile.

Suggested game variations include solitaire, cooperative, and point-scoring play, as well as advantages to give younger players as they learn the game.

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