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Water World Playset

Water World Playset

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: All Ages
Manufacturer: Rubbabu
Price: $24.95

Consisting of a hand-painted mat and a slew of ocean-themed foam figures, including a boat, turtle, snake, alligator, fish, and dolphin painted in primary colors, this toy encourages simple, imaginative play with neither bells, whistles, nor batteries. Testers spread the mat out on the floor, matched the figures up to their silhouettes, and made them swim in the waves, build sand castles on the beach, and play along the shore. One marine-enthusiast player like the mat so much that he brought out toys - seahorses, crabs, sharks, and coral - from his other sea creature collections to join in the fun. This toy kept toddler testers entertained for at least a half hour on the first day of use, and it continued to be a popular choice with parents during quiet time. Just spread the mat out, hand your child the bucket of fish, and let him or her play with this engaging toy.

Melissa Barbagallo Davis   ©2010 Parents' Choice

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