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Nerf Weather Blitz Flag Football Set

Nerf Weather Blitz Flag Football Set

Fall 2010 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
Price: $19.99

Football often happens in bad-weather months. So Nerf decided to create a bad-weather football. Nerf calls it "Weather Blitz Football" and claims it actually plays better in wet weather. The football is junior-sized with an exceptional waterproof texture and raised rubberized "lace". This makes for easy gripping, regardless of the size of the quarterback's hand or the weather conditions. We took took three teenagers and the football to the beach for a day and it tested out great, even in the surf-until the lifeguards whistled the boys to stop winging the football around other people.

The football packs more substance than the foamy Nerf products that couldn't knock over a vase indoors or a toddler on the beach. While this makes it firmly an outdoor toy, it also means that anyone at any age can have fun spiraling this orb through the air.

Besides the water-resistant, high-durability, Nerf football, the set includes eight pairs of belt-free, simple-to-clip-on, flag-football flags in two colors, allowing two teams with up to four players each to face off on the line of scrimmage. Parents can rest easier that their kids are less likely to be practicing tackling when all they have to do to end a play is yank off a flag. And at a reasonable price, this football, like the mailman, will deliver even in rain, sleet and snow.

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