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The American Presidents 12th-25th

The American Presidents 12th-25th

Fall 2010 DVD
Ages: 8 - 14 yrs.

Disney Educational Productions is proving itself to be the high-water-mark of educational media - and they continue to outdo themselves with The American Presidents: The 12th - 25th Presidents. This 60-minute DVD is a superb blend of motion graphics, animation, sound effects, sight-gags, and interviews with top-notch experts providing a thoroughly original and totally memorable look at our past presidents.

Jacket copy says this series of educational programs was developed with a former producer of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report -- and the result is something as relevant as it is irreverent. From Zachary Taylor to William McKinley, students get presidential biographies in the form of vignettes that blend music, humor, and animation - without ever losing sight of the history.

Who knew Abe Lincoln had a high, squeaky voice. . . or that Ulysses S. Grant could ride a horse while standing on its back by the time he was five years old? Along with the very solid historical content, these humorous nuggets of information will help students see past presidents as real people; human beings with great accomplishments-but also human frailties, and even amusing foibles. Expert interviews provide context and commentary and include a fantastic mix of notables ranging from esteemed academics to former White House Aid Paul Begala and legendary journalists Bob Woodward and Sam Donaldson.

In addition, the DVD includes an Interactive Whiteboard feature to test students' knowledge, and content is in line with National Curriculum Standards for grades 3 - 8 -- although this program is sure to hold great appeal to older kids, and even adults, who have an interest in history.

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