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Shaun the Sheep One Giant Leap for Lambkind

Shaun the Sheep One Giant Leap for Lambkind

Fall 2010 DVD
Ages: 3 & Up
DVD Price: $14.98

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment present Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind, another collection of shorts by the creators of the Academy Award-winning Wallace and Gromit. This DVD features clever stop-motion animation and witty sight-gags as sheep Shaun and his barnyard friends appear in six separate shorts: Shaun Encounters, The Bull, Hiccups, Blitzer Puts His Foot In It, Save the Tree, and The Visitor.

Each short has a complete plot where Shaun and pals encounter dilemmas ranging from how to cure a bad case of the hiccups to dealing with an unexpected alien invasion. There are some naughty pigs, an earnest farmer, and a bull tossed into the mix, and industrious Shaun the Sheep and his friends interact to solve problems in a way that's certain to bring a smile to young viewers' faces - and to parents, too. There's no dialogue in this series, but the action is so clearly laid out, and the animals' facial expressions and gestures are so hilarious and expressive, that young viewers won't have any trouble following - and participating in - the storylines.

Do be warned that while it's all in the spirit of lighthearted silliness, a couple of moments do slide into bathroom-humor territory, particularly in Hiccups, when there is one brief shot of the farmer's exposed hind end. To give that moment a little context to the storyline, Shaun is trying to scare the hiccups out of his friend, and nothing works until a chance glance at. . . well, you get the picture. It's brief, it's goofy, and kids probably won't be too scandalized by it - but just the same, when the short aired on the Disney Channel, this particular shot was edited out, so parents should screen the segment first and decide for themselves how to handle it.

In addition to the six shorts, this DVD contains two bonus features: Sing-Along with Shaun (a karaoke version of the title song) and a Whack-A-Pig game, and all in all, the DVD has a wonderful, whimsical sense of fun.

Gina Catanzarite   ©2010 Parents' Choice
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