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Spring 2010 Puzzles
Ages: 9 & Up
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Price: $24.99
Modeled on an age old mathematical manipulative, Aba-Conundrums includes a 120-puzzle challenge erase book and seven-rod abacus, is a fascinating mind challenging activity that will engage children and adults alike. Puzzlers use the sliding beads of the abacus to solve mathematical puzzles.

From the simplest: Clue 1: the 10's place digit is a 6. Clue 2: the 1's and 10's places have the same number of beads. Clue 3: The 1's and 10's digits are not the same.

To the most challenging: Clue 1: There are twice as many upper beads as lower beads. Clue 2: The number is less than 500,000. Clue 3: The first and last digits are the same.

Some testers much preferred flying solo to solve the puzzles, others preferred cooperative ciphering. And some enjoyed an extra boost, or challenge, of listening to a teammate read the challenge out loud and working to manipulate the beads without referring to the text.

Solutions are provided at the end of the puzzle book.

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