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Spring 2011 Picture Books
Ages: 5 & Up
Author: Rick Gervais
Illustrator: Rob Steen
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763647810
Hardcover Price: $19.99

One of the great things about being a kid is that you have a license to be silly. In his book Flanimals Pop-Up, British comedian Ricky Gervais (creator of The Office) gets in touch with his inner ten-year-old in the invention of a collection of incredibly quirky creatures.

Flanimals came to life many years ago in the form of rough sketches made by Gervais. With names like Splunge, Mung-Ungler and Gernloid—and features that resemble a cross between an amoeba and space aliens—this unusual set of characters is likely to cause kids of a certain age and sense of humor to erupt in contagious fits of laughter. Many will want to try concocting some off-beat creatures of their own!

Gervais is joined in his talent to appreciate the absurd in everyday life by illustrator Rob Steen. This is the fifth Flanimal book on which they have collaborated. For the first time in the series, paper engineer Richard Ferguson has given Flanimals the gift of three dimensions, through center pop-ups, flaps, and hidden pull-tabs.

Pamela Pease   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Pamela Pease is a designer, author, educator, and founder of Paintbox Press. She has created pop-up books about Macy's Parade and the Tour de France, as well as award-winning series of books on architecture and design for kids.

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