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The New Way Things Work

The New Way Things Work

1999 Reference Books
Ages: All Ages
Author: David MaCaulay
Illustrator: David MaCaulay
ISBN: 0-395-93847-3
Hardcover Price: $35.00
The New Way Things Work, like the best-selling original is a superb illustrated guide to the technical processes everyday devices and well-known machines work. The book is organized by the broad scientific principles that govern technology (i.e. electricity, chemical elements). The titles are done in a clever way for curious young thinkers. The illustrations are large and demonstrate the process of broad to more specific. Attuned readers will note that complex scientific principles influence a multitude of simpler ones. The inclusion of household devices with more complex technology offers a fascinating look at the dynamics of technology. The format entices. The index is complete. A fine glossary helps. The New Way Things Work could be used by children with a burgeoning interest in all fields of hard science.
Eileen Kuhl   ©1999 Parents' Choice

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