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Little Tikes Makin' Mudpies

Little Tikes Makin' Mudpies

Spring 2010 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Price: $39.99
Little Tikes Makin' Mudpies is an outdoor kitchen set ideal for creative kids who love to be messy. It includes both a working sink (when an adult fills it with water) and a working mixer. Children add the dirt and creativity to end up with pies, cakes, & cookies made of mud.

When used as designed the Little Tikes Makin' Mudpies outdoor kitchen set may not be a parent's favorite, but it certainly has great appeal for little ones who love to get dirty. Our testers were eager to get to work, adding as much dirt as possible to each creation but quickly learned (the hard way) that although these "culinary" works-of-art may look similar to the real thing, they certainly don't taste the same.

Kelly Schaffer   ©2010 Parents' Choice

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