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Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Spring 2010 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Designer: Duck Duck Moose
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Producer: Duck Duck Moose
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Download Price: $0.99
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch

For toddlers who are eager to learn, try Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Wheels on the Bus. The creative team at Duck Duck Moose has created - and delivered -- exquisite lessons of cause and effect with a charming and whimsical touch.

Poke, poke. Slide. Slide and poke. No, these are not new dance steps. They're the keys to unlock the sheer joy in this 21st century version of the classic nursery rhyme. Move the spider up the water spout. Tap a cloud and see the wind blow. Tap the spider to launch an umbrella so the spider can float down as it rains. Tap next time, and the spider gets a parachute. A banana falls onto a slug and it becomes - a zoology lesson. Hop around the screen and uncover the treasures and treats that await. Even Miss Goody Two Shoes creates a little mischief.

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