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Spring 2010 DVD
Ages: 3 & Up
Producer: Thinking Moves
DVD Price: $59.95
From coffee shops to conference rooms, the fascinating connections between mind and body are being talked about more and more. Me Moves' selfless and passionate creators, Roberta Scherf and Chris Bye, have put the connections to work - again.

Simply stated, Me Moves has become a game changer in many homes. Although we did not conduct, and therefore cannot cite research, we can refer to words that families have used to describe Me Moves; words that include calming, transforming, unprecedented focus, accomplishment, and magical.

What we wrote in the review of its predecessor Smart Moves, equally applies here.

"It is innovative, intelligent and intriguing. Fascinating, captivating, and utterly absorbing, this simply elegant production of movement and music is devoid of bells and whistles, and loaded with wisdom and clarity. Narration is neither needed, nor present."

Me Moves is a treasure.

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