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The Science of Disney Imagineering: Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Spring 2010 DVD
Ages: 11 - 14 yrs.
DVD Price: $29.99
Leave it to Disney to come up with the perfect way to make engineering and science real and fun. Charming and very cool host Asa Kalama shows us his funky work desk at the Disney Imagineering facility, "the place where imagination meets engineering." Imagineers use science to create and build the many attractions in Disney theme parks around the world.

The fact-paced DVD will make kids smile as they watch Asa explain Newton's three laws of motion. Learning science by watching line drawings, cartoons and Asa wearing wigs is a lot more fun than listening to a lackluster lecture on the same topic. Created specifically for viewers in grades 5 through 8, Disney has come up with a great way to show what science and engineering can really produce--such wonders as the Golden Zephyr ride in California.

If our panel had one quibble, it's that at times watching the DVD felt a bit like an ad for Disney's theme parks as much as a lesson in the science behind them. But if it gets kids to see value in math and science and how that knowledge can be put to work to create amazing things, it's not a bad tradeoff. Don't forget to click on the "Try It Yourself" chapter of the DVD to see Asa show you how to do a crazy egg trick.

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