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Spring 2010 Magazines
Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Publisher: Bayard
Subscription Price: $87.80 / 10 Issues
Adventure Box, a magazine geared toward children ages 6 - 9, features a lengthy chapter story written and illustrated in a variety of styles, and segmented into manageable chapters. Recent chapter stories include "Weekend Away? No Thanks!" "Whiffy Takes the Plunge," and "The Inter-Galactic Pet Trader." Games, jokes, cartoons, science activities, reader surveys and fun illustrations offer readers--emerging and experienced alike--the many pleasures of reading independently. A regular column, "Naturebox," introduces little known facts about things ranging from the moon to apples or leaves. Word and number games and a mini-quiz on the back cover are also part of each installment. The consistent tone and style of each issue work to serve up a skillfully orchestrated ten-part series.

As with its sister publications, our panelists' only reservation is the high price. However, this concern is somewhat mitigated by the overall excellence and quality of the publication. If you're curious, visit the website and download a free PDF version. Although the paper and printing quality won't be evident, the charming content and imaginative will come shining through.

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