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Knitwear Designer

Knitwear Designer

Fall 2009 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: ALEX
Price: $26.99
Knitwear Designer is a beginners' knitting kit that includes a pair of single-ended wooden knitting needles, a plastic yarn sewing needle, six small skeins of brightly-colored yarns, a set of embellishments (e.g. beads and sequins), a soft doll, and instructions for basic knitting skills, including patterns to make knitted clothes and accessories for the doll.

Knitting as a skill and a hobby dates back thousands of years, making it among the longest-lived folk arts. Unfortunately, projects usually presented to beginners tend to be large, repetitive, and overwhelming, and it is common for beginners to give up before accomplishing anything (as this beginner can attest from personal experience!). The doll-sized projects in this kit are small and easily completed, giving the beginning knitter a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to continue.

The instructions were very clear but we found that the cast-on (starting stitches) described in the set led to very uneven results. We found help from an online video This process was tricky to describe in print, so we went looking for, and found a helpful video online.

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