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Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart In The Water

Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart In The Water

Fall 2009 DVD
Ages: 5 - 9 yrs.
DVD Price: $39.95
The two wisecracking sidekicks from Disney's beloved Lion King movie, Pumbaa the sweet warthog and Timon the sarcastic meerkat, take center stage in this animated short video (12 minutes) discussing the importance of water safety.

Armed with a clipboard, Pumbaa outlines precautions that should be taken around water. He talks about putting on sunscreen, checking for a lifeguard and entering feet first so that you can check the depth of the water. Other bits of advice: get out of the water if you hear thunder, and always swim with a buddy. While Timon is eager and wants to have fun, Pumbaa lays out some very practical, easy-to-remember lessons for water safety. The video ends with a song that can be watched separately as a sing-along with words at the bottom.

The DVD is entertaining and does a good job of getting across important lessons on how to be safe in the water. Kids, caregivers, teachers and parents would all be wise to spend just a few minutes watching it before heading out on the next trip to the beach, pool or lake. One note: As a parent, even though the information on the DVD is valuable, the $39.95 price tag on this would be too steep for me for 12-minutes worth of water safety advice. For classrooms, libraries and youth clubs, it's a sensible purchase.

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