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Fall 2009 Website
Ages: 9 - 18 yrs.
Review: is a great resource for parents and kids-especially for those students who prefer a neutral party to help with the homework. Let's face it, sometimes homework help from a well-meaning parent can get a little heated. This site offers assistance, 24/7, on all kinds of subjects from Calculus and Algebra to essay writing and physics. Besides an impressive cadre of online tutors available for a fee, the site offers lots of free and helpful information and links to support students in all areas of learning.

The range of the site is impressive, serving grade school to college and adult learners as well. Technology allows the online tutors to work with students by utilizing instant messaging and an effective two-way whiteboard. As we reviewed this site, the tutors we encountered were committed to providing guidance on the question at hand, and to empowering kids to learn to how solve the problems on their own.

In our visits to the site, a variety of sales promotions have been offered, including the first 20 minutes of tutoring for $1. Regular prices are 60 minutes for $35; 120 minutes for $70; or, if you sign up for an automatic renewal, you get 120 minutes for $60.

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