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The Science of Disney Imagineering TRAJECTORY

The Science of Disney Imagineering TRAJECTORY

Spring 2009 DVD
Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
DVD Price: $49.95
Once upon a time Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it," and that famous quote served as inspiration to Disney's "Imagineers," the men and women responsible for designing, creating and overseeing the construction of all the attractions at the Disney theme parks. In this DVD, effusive Imagineer Asa Kalama guides viewers through the scientific principle of trajectory. What enables the "California Screamin'" roller coaster to launch riders out of the gate at 60-plus miles an hour and then induce joyous screams for the next minute or so? You got it: trajectory.

The camera then follows Kalama into his workspace at Disney, where he explains - using a churro; yes, a churro, among other things - how trajectory is defined as the path a free-flying object follows through the air, before addressing the impact of gravity, wind, angles, speed, size, mass, etc. After the basic science has been noted, "Trajectory" moves to Disney theme parks - visiting a stunt show, a ride, a fireworks display and that roller coaster again -- to depict physical/visual examples of the scientific principle in action. Much like other Disney educational titles, "Trajectory" doesn't come cheap (it's $49.95 and runs under 25 minutes; though, in fairness, it's a classroom edition with public performance rights) and features limited bonus materials (a try-it-yourself segment on making a water balloon slingshot, a downloadable educator's guide).

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