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Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book

Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book

Fall 2008 Non-Fiction
Ages: 8 - 13 yrs.
Author: Richard Walker
Publisher: DK Publishing
ISBN: 9780756640910
Hardcover Price: $24.99
The subtitle--"The Monsterous Truth About How Your Body Works"-gives you a clue more about the hype than the content. So forget about stitches across the forehead, steel pins in temples, box-like feet and body parts borrowed from various victims and combined into literature's all-time most iconic monster. Mary Shelley's vivid imagination isn't really at work here.

This book doesn't make human anatomy scary. Instead, this is a fascinating study of the inner human body. All that's borrowed from Frankenstein besides the book's title is its mission to clarify with short to-the-point text and plenty of illustrations what's needed to "make a person." But the "make a person" here is science, not fiction.

Okay, the boldfaced lead paragraph on each page can sound like the not-so-good doctor wrote it himself. And that humorous touch adds a playfulness that'll keep kids reading. But most impressive, this glossy, hard-page book is straight-forward Anatomy 101. Reduced slightly in complexity for the younger reader, its short and surprisingly smart text blocks accompanying illustrations doesn't low-brow the subject. Chapters go body part by body part-such as "Bone Basics," "Skull," "Legs and Feet," "Central Nervous System" and "Stomach." It's all there.

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