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Buzzword Junior

Buzzword Junior

Fall 2008 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: PlayMonster
Price: $19.99
A version of Buzzword that makes play accessible to a younger set, Buzzword Junior tests players on their word skills by giving teams 45 seconds to solve a set of clues where all of the answers must include the buzzword.

This game is great for sharpening your vocabulary. Although the words you have to guess aren't very difficult, with less than a minute to make your guesses, you have to be able to call up those words quickly. It's an appealing game for the family; the clue words are simple enough that players of all ages can guess most of them using the buzzword as guidance. This game also teaches team-building skills, as players can work together to figure out their clues within the time limit if there are enough players to make up teams. With a suggested retail price that's less than $20, it's as economic as it is fun and educational.

Caelie Haines   ©2008 Parents' Choice

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